Syfan Landscape and Nursery
Georgia’s Finest Pine Straw has not let me run out of pine straw in the past 2 years. Carroll Todd and his staff has given me great service and great quality pine straw.

Millenium Properties
Georgia’s Finest Pine Straw has taken care of my apartment complexes in northeast Georgia. Carroll Todd and his staff has saved me time and money on my pine straw and mulch installations. I like the way that the landscape crews roll and tuck the edges and blow off all the side walks and parking lots.

Dave Wilson
I like the way Georgia’s Finest Pine Straw installs the pine straw at my industrial park. Carroll Todd has his crews professionally trained to be quick, and extremely good at what they do.

Bill Joyner
Georgia’s Finest Pine Straw installs all the pine straw and mulch and my shopping centers. The crews are professional and the end results is spectacular.

Smith Ace Hardware – Decatur, Ga.
Georgia’s Finest Pine Straw has helped us grow our pine straw and wheat straw sales. Carroll Todd and his staff has not let us run out of excellent quality straw.
– Smith Ace Hardware managers Mark Connell and Michael Hasneauver.

Bells Ferry Ace Hardware
Owner Chris Eden-Georgia’s Finest Pine Straw has great quality and great service. We look forward to growing our sales with Georgia’s Finest Pine Straw.
– Bells Ferry Ace hardware Managers Rhonda and Chris Eden


The quality of Georgia’s Finest pine straw is very good. The pine straw is extremely clean, and good heavy tight filled bales. I like working with Georgia’s Finest pine straw because of the convenience and ease of doing business with Georgia’s Finest Pine Straw.
— Duane McCray

I like doing business with Georgia Finest pine straw because of the great quality pine straw, and the great attitudes at Georgia’s Finest. I like to pre book my orders with Georgia’s Finest.
— Dennis McMurray

Georgia’s Finest pine straw has some of the best pine straw that I have seen in a long time. It is clean, and gives great coverage for my customers landscaping needs.
— Gene Anglin

I placed my order for pine straw, and the Georgia’s Finest Pine Straw customer service representative took excellent care of my order. The order arrived at my home right on time and the quality of the pine straw was the best that we have ever purchased. The Georgia’s Finest driver stacked our pine straw right where we needed it to be. Great job!
— Terry and Paula White

I ordered my pine straw for the first time this year with Georgia’s Finest pine straw. The pine straw delivery pulled up in my drive way 5 minutes early, and the quality was great. The driver for Georgia’s Finest was extremely courteous, and stacked our pine straw precisely where we had asked for. We will definitely order next season from Georgia’s Finest Pine Straw.
— Pat Crowe

Our pine straw was a brilliant red color, and very clean. This straw had no sticks, no pine cones or briars. We were very pleased with our delivery driver being on time, and very polite. The pine straw gave us better coverage vs. other pine straw that we had purchased in the past. We normally order 75 bales every year, but we only had to order 60 bales from Georgia’s Finest pine straw.
— James and Renette Todd