Premium Pine Straw Gainesville, GA

Georgia’s Finest Pine Straw only offers high-quality premium pine straw Gainesville GA for customer pick-up or delivery up to 50 miles.  Our pine straw is hand-raked and baled, free of debris such as pine cones and dirt. Our tight bales mean each bale is guaranteed to cover 50-square feet. Georgia’s Finest Pine Straw bales pine straw daily  and ships year round. We like to ship only fresh harvested pine straw to give you great quality and color.

Fresh High-Quality Pine Straw

Pine straw that’s red and bends without breaking is fresh and will keep your yard looking great all season.

Long Leaf Pine

Long leaf pine straw is considered the best variety of straw for landscaping use because it contains more resin, which means the straw will break down more slowly, lasting longer and keeping it’s color.

Slash Pine

Slash pine straw helps prevent erosion, maintains ground cover and moisture while curtailing weeds. It is excellent for landscapes, undulations and slopes where most ground cover will wash away.

Wheat Straw

We offer extra-large high quality wheat straw bales year round. This straw is excellent for preventing erosion, or covering and protecting your fresh planted grass seed. Our wheat straw is a beautiful golden color, designed to spread and cover any steep slopes.


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